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We are an Egyptian FMCG family business established in 1996 and known for the best quality local branded white vinegar in Egypt under the name "Altawoos".Since establishment we had been committed to develop our products starting from the unique user friendly packaging and ending with the competitive pricing .We are targeting to be among the top 5 family business FMCG companies in Egypt within the next five years through offering a wider product range and penetration of other markets . Our mission is to deliver the best experience to all our stakeholders starting from our suppliers , key accounts and ending with our consumers.

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Vinegar is not just for Food

4. Wash Produce

Al Tawoos Vinegar may help remove bacteria and pesticide residues from fruits and veg...

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3. Clean Carpets

Battle some carpet stains with a mix of Al Tawoos vinegar and warm water.

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1-Clean Windows

Instead of spending money on window cleaning chemicals — especially ones that include...

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5. Dissolve Stubborn G...

If you are having trouble getting that annoying sticky label residue off a product? O...

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6. Deter Cats

We love cats here, no doubt, but sometimes you don't want them doing their business i...

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2. Refresh your laundry

Make a mixture of one-third cup of Al Tawoos white vinegar and two-thirds cup water. ...

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Apple vinegar benefits

Apple vinegar source is obtained back from the nature, having uncountable number of uses and benefits. It’s proved to provide a number of amazing healthy and cosmetic-related uses, Al Tawoos Apple Vinegar could be used as:


Food making ingredient

Apple vinegar is used as additive in making home-made cookies, bakeries, sauces, soup...

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Weight gain control

Some studies showed that frequent use of apple vinegar in food helps control of weigh...

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Sun burn healing

Apple vinegar can be used with water during shower (leave for few minutes on your ski...

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Hair care

Add one tablespoonful of apple vinegar to a cup of water in an old shampoo bottle, an...

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